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Wait. What Does Leadership Mean to You?

"Leaders today face a constantly changing environment and need support to plough through the politics, culture, time and resource constraints which inevitably face them. Not just good but outstanding leadership is critical to the vitality and sustainability of an organisations mission and survival."

This is what Founding Partner of The Curiosity Bureau Dr Anton Baumohl and Karen Gargani MBA think about leadership.

In a world where 'we are juggling' and 'need to adapt', where our position in organisations and the organisations position can shift and change so rapidly it proves difficult to create time and space to work out what 'outstanding' and 'leadership' are, there is an increasing need to stop.

Take a moment to reflect on what outstanding leadership means to you.

Why don't you begin with what is new in the world of leadership?

To keep up to date with thinking and practices that will ensure you utilise the latest insights surrounding leadership, Baumohl says that "With the right sort of approaches it is possible to develop leadership that transcends changing contexts and produces a leader who can adapt to new situations as they arise and juggle the multiple demands from diverse stakeholders."

Gargani echoes this sentiment and draws upon experiences from within large organisations "...its easy to lose the momentum of leadership development by approaching a fit for all package ...Leadership Developers, Coaches, HR and Talent managers are looking to excel, to tap the potential of their teams and move the organisation forward"

So how might this be done? How might you 'tap the potential', whilst at the same time 'move organisations forward'?

With a combination of theoretical knowledge of leadership in organisations, and very many years experience from within organisations such as BBC, V&A Museum, Emirates Airline, Wolff Olins, Fidelity, RPMI, Brann, National Grid and Virgin, Baumohl and Gargani have on our behalf captured the very latest thinking and ideas in leadership. They have grasped a truly unique perspective that will connect you with your awareness of what leadership means to you.


Well, if you are reading this blog post and you are available on Tuesday 23rd October you can secure a special discounted ticket to attend their 'Building a Reputation for Outstanding Leadership' workshop in Manchester.

To obtain your special discount simply message Anton and Karen directly on and state that, you are 'Curious About Leadership'.

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