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Since October 2012 The Curiosity Bureau have been designing and delivering a variety of sessions - from events to exhibitions, to workshops to intimate conversations, to curriculum design to one-to-one curiosity tutoring, and there are no doubt many more variations to play with and develop with you.


We believe that to deepen our understanding of curiosity we need to be 'curious-in-action' (a powerful mix of thinking, reflecting and doing). We discuss and reflect on what curiosity means with one another, as well as with other curious folk in our reflections blog entries.


We have found curiosity to be an exciting mix of inquisitiveness, serendipity and disruption, and that it is unique to you.  Instead of being defined by your discipline we are therefore curious about what it means to you to be curious about the tasks or challenges you have ahead of you.


Below are the stories of the Partners and Fellows of The Curiosity Bureau, and should you have any further questions or wish to meet us you can email the Partners directly. 



Becca Taylor BDes, MA, MRes, FRSA



With a background in creative communications; cultural and commercial brand partnerships; event and educational programming, Becca is currently an ESPRC funded doctoral researcher at HighWire, Lancaster University. Becca also actively campaigns for green spaces in Manchester’s City Centre as a Trustee of A New Leaf MCR


As Partner of The Curiosity Bureau Becca sees her doctoral research as a deep 'project of curiosity'. Her main point of focus is ‘The Rooftop Project’ – a social outdoor space, codesigned with the local community of the Northern Quarter, Manchester. Becca is particularly interested in 'what happens when people are invited to deepen their connection to a project?' 


When Becca is invited to facilitate sessions or be a guest speaker, here are a few of the topics covered and questions she has posed:


+ Reflecting on RTD 2015: Making Connections to Doing Research Through Design 

+ Curious City, Manchester

The Rooftop Project The Story So Far: For Good or Glory?

+ Being Curious About Doing Research

+ Participatory Citizens & Hybrid Cities: Imagining Green Spaces in Manchester's Northern Quarter

+ A Portrait of a Digi-Maker: Seeing Inspiration in a Self-Motivated Values-Led Participatory Design Approach to Digital Fabrication

+ Becoming a Culture of Digi-Makers: Curiosity, Creative Confidence and Imagination at Technology Faires

+ Designing a start-up and being curious of alternative ways of doing

+ What is the role of the arts institution when managing user generated content?

+ Design and its invisible-visible role in business

+ Reflections on crafting the education of design in non-native environments


Dr Anton Baumohl MPhil, PhD, FRSA



Anton has worked for over 30 years directly with individuals, teams and organisations and in academia with postgraduate students. Anton has research interests in creativity, leadership, brain functioning and metacognition. 


A Partner of The Curiosity Bureau, Anton is trained consultant, trainer, facilitator, counsellor and coach/mentor Anton has spoken to a wide range of international audiences and clients including: the V&A, BBC, Age UK, BT, Cambridge University, Career Research & Advisory Council, Conran Design Group, Emirates Airlines, London Fire Brigade, London Borough of Southwark, Lufthansa, Royal College of Physicians, Selfridges, Shell, Somerset House, University of Nottingham and Wolff Olins.


Anton's ongoing 'project of curiosity' is the ontological inquiry into Leadership and he is currently Programme Director for the MA in Creative Leadership at Regent's University, London.





Tom co-founded The Curiosity Bureau in 2012, and in 2014 joined the internationally awarded creative agency ANTI as Associate Strategic Director in Bergen, Norway. Tom now supports The Bureau (in a non-commercial role) as a Fellow.


Tom also guest lectures for a number of European institutions including Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Norway), European Institute for Brand Management (Netherlands) and Regent's University, London (UK).  


Tom is the RSAConnector for Norway.


When Tom is invited to facilitate sessions or be a guest speaker, here are a few of the topics covered and questions he has posed: 


+ Creative Leadership — Integrative processes and organisational dynamics that spark new ways forward; looking beyond professional constraints in organisational development
+ A New Type of Interference — The radical rethink of business communications
+ Brand trends — Brand entrepreneurialism; what brands are doing, not doing, and going to do.

+ Design Policy — From the start-up to the political agenda; how design policy works and how to generate it

+ Buying Creative Services — Design management for non-design industry professionals

+ Dynamic Project Management — Forecasting a flight in the dark

+ Design Orientation — Using design as a means for strategic development against organisational and community challenges



Tom Morgan BA, MA, FRSA



Beth Knowles BA, CLLR



Beth is an elected Councillor in Manchester city centre and is also concentrating her efforts as one of The GM Mayor's Leads for Homelessness and Rough Sleeping with Ivan Lewis MP. 


Beth is most curious about understanding the root causes behind common societal concerns and seeing what happens when you bring people together who wouldn't usually meet to work to solve them.


Here are publications of some topics covered and questions she has posed:


+ Shattering the Glass Ceiling - Fabians Mentoring Womens Network Mentoring Programme 

+ Bringing together creative practice and issues surrounding homelessness




© 2017 The Curiosity Bureau is the trading name of The Curiosity Bureau LLP in the UK [OC386919]

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