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The Politics Project

Exploring different viewpoints through the lens of an individual's interests and experiences to make learning relevant and engaging


Harriet Andrews

May 2015 - ongoing


Generally, when we hear 'Politics', we hear 'The General Election'. Some have found the General Election boring, others gripping, some are upset, others are not, some have no connection with The General Election at all. Politics however, as Hattie posits, should otherwise be known as our identity, culture, society, family, friends, community, citizenship, environment.


Hattie Andrews is someone who is curious about politics, but and perhaps more importantly she is curious about the way people find their confidence with the often fuzzy grey, weirdly publicised world of 'politics'. 


The Curiosity Bureau is excited to welcome Hattie and her extraordinary talents for working with people of all ages to build their confidence in finding their opinion, their voice. Her inquiry goes deeper too, into what people ask when they are engaging in the subject for the very first time. Hattie's stories are fascinating and raise so many more questions, not about party politics, but about a kind of politics that people can connect with.


Read more about The Politics Project here.


If this has triggered your curiosity in the Associate Academy you can find out more by reading Becoming an Associate or referring to the FAQs. Alternatively, you can also contact Becca, Beth or Anton directly.

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