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Below are some frequently asked questions about what the Associate Academy is and what it is involved in becoming an Associate of The Curiosity Bureau.


What is the Associate Academy?


The Curiosity Bureau Associate Academy is time and space for those who are curious to focus on a 'project of curiosity'.


Defining your 'project of curiosity' involves 1-2-1 mentoring/guidance/support from a Partner or Fellow of The Curiosity Bureau. This time together with a mentor will help you to outline a plan and identify how much time you wish to spend on your 'project of curiosity'.


Examples of previous projects have ranged from; 

'Being Curious About Curiosity: graphic and communication design, and investigating the identity of the designer';

'Flavour: Designing an intimate dining experience that explores and challenges our understanding of umami through to soylent'

'A Portrait of a Digi-maker: Being curious about photo elicitation in a tech-demo environment, FabLearn Europe'. 


Associates of The Curiosity Bureau Gabija, Alex and Drew share their stories here


How much of my time will my 'project of curiosity' demand?


An Associate's 'project of curiosity' can last anything from 3months and beyond - it might be that through the process you find an area of inquiry you feel will be an ongoing, lifelong focus of your curiosity. With this in mind, your project can be planned to remain flexible for you and your lifestyle.


The aim is for movement towards and the transformation of a design and/or delivery of a 'thing' - an article, artefact or experience which you can then promote and publish.

Is the Associate Academy right for me?


If you are looking for something to focus your thinking before pursuing a post-graduate degree, or a post-doctorate research project, perhaps you want something to (re)invigorate your 'career portfolio', or you are looking for a break from 'the norm' - perhaps you are seeking the unfamiliar in the familiar?


You can contact Becca, Anton or Beth directly and arrange a more detailed conversation.

How much would it cost me to apply?


It costs nothing to apply. Simply contact Becca, Anton or Beth directly and arrange a more detailed conversation.

How much would it cost for me to become an Associate of The Curiosity Bureau?


Projects are generally costed based on the design and delivery of the 1-2-1 sessions, and on the outcome from our conversation based on an outline of your project of curiosity.



Once I am an Associate is there an on-going membership cost?


No, not currently. This might be a model The Curiosity Bureau look at in the future, but for now as soon as you are welcomed an Associate, you remain an Associate of The Bureau.

How many Associates are there at The Curiosity Bureau at any one time?


The Curiosity Bureau currently accepts one or two Associates per year, and that might be for only 3-6months of that year.  


There are ongoing discussions being had about how the concept of the Associates Academy can expand. Applications to become an Associate are always welcome and all will be considered.


The mentor that you are assigned will try and remain as flexible as possible for you. With this in mind  the number of Associate positions accepted will not stretch beyond the capacity of the Partners and Fellows available to you.

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