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How Do We Manage N O I S E ?

The world is a noisy place and people are finding new and interesting ways to navigate their way through it. People are becoming ever more curious about alternative ways of thinking, and conscientious about their own (and others) wellbeing. Cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the search for one-off, hybrid, high quality experiences are on the rise and those keen to lead in this revolution, and design and deliver these curious experiences are a trio of founders, a collective called: The Curiosity Bureau.

The human brain can forge sophisticated connections and build on minute pieces of knowledge to form vast networks of stories and aphorisms. As we formulate these connections we create habits and form familiarity, which creates comfort. So, how do we disrupt and re-invigorate our thinking? The Curiosity Bureau believes that by finding the unfamiliar in the familiar you can see the world through a different lens, and through providing access to a new lens your brain can react positively to disruption.

Transformational experiences can re-shape your thinking habits, contributing to a fresh outlook and mindful approach to life and your professional practice.

On Thursday 30th May The Curiosity Bureau will bring together professionals curious about the world through the lens of their professional practice and the lens of others, those who continue to challenge the seemingly impossible. The participants are from senior positions and range from digital strategists, entrepreneurs, public programme managers, public sector workers, gallery owners, communications agency executives and TV producers and directors.

The Curiosity Bureau’s Founders say: “There is a need for curious people to meet and inquire through cultural artifacts. This experience can form wonderful and meaningful connections… deepening our curiosity and improving our approach to our professional practices”

The flow of these experiences are carefully planned. However, owing to the nature of The Bureau’s events they wish to keep your mind free of the logistics and simply immerse yourself in the experience as it unfolds. All you need to do is open your mind and explore known territory through perspectives and knowledge unknown to you.

If you would like more information about The Curiosity Bureau, or to schedule an interview with the Founders of The Bureau or any of the facilitators or participants of the event please email

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